2011 Leaf Cut Signature Edition

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2011 Leaf Cut Signature Edition is one of the most elegantly designed “cut” autographed products ever made. The brand is bolstered by one of the most comprehensive checklists ever assembled for such a product and also includes Dual Cut Autograph pairings never before seen.

2011 Leaf Cut Signature Edition Key Components

Each box contains one encapsulated, cut autograph card. The checklist includes the following notable personalities from the world of entertainment, politics, sports, music and more: Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George Washington, Jerry Garcia, Jim Henson, Joe Louis, Benito Mussolini, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Judy Garland, Ernest Hemingway and Princess Diana to name just a handful. Also look for dual-cut autograph cards from members of the Rat Pack, the Blues Brothers and others.


2011 Leaf Cut Signature Edition

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