2013 Leaf Just Vault Baseball

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2013 Leaf Just Vault Baseball┬árepresents an exciting opportunity to collect the “Best of” Just Minors. This set features an excellent mix of past Just Minors cards offered at what should be considered an excellent value.

2013 Leaf Just Vault Baseball Key Components

Each Vault box contains one (1) factory sealed wax box of 2007 Just Rookies (12 autographs per box) plus 12 bonus buyback cards comprised of an average of 10 autographs plus two unsigned rare cards. Look for rare 1-of-1 plate autos, glossy 1-of-1 autos, 1-of-1 plates and 1-of-1 glossy rookies. On average, each box will yield three 1-of-1 cards. More than 75% of the buyback autograph cards are serial-numbered to 50 or less. What’s more, the eight-card subset of Dominican Prospect League (DPL) Preview cards are all unnumbered but have the following stated print runs: White (200 or less); Silver (40 or less); Blue (25 or less); Red (15 or less); and Gold (5 or less).


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Sell Sheet

DPL Preview Cards Checklist