2013 Leaf Memories Baseball

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2013 Leaf Memories Baseball featuring classic past Leaf designs this product, once again salutes the Leaf Heritage. Loaded with Autographed Buyback cards, Leaf Memories, delivers an experience that brings nostalgia to a whole new level. Look for 2013 Top Prospects on the 1990 leaf design, Autograph buybacks from 1985-1988 and 1990-1992 ALL numbered to the players jersey number, Autographed Memorabilia Redemption cards and MORE!

2013 Leaf Memories Baseball Key Components

Each box/pack contains (1) 1991 Leaf Buyback Base Card numbered to 5 or 1, (6) Leaf Memories Prospects Base Cards (1990 Leaf style) (5) Leaf Memories Draft/Prospect Autographs and (1) Leaf Memories Buyback Autograph or Autographed Memorabilia Item Redemption



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