2014 Leaf Best Of Baseball

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2014 Leaf Best Of Baseball Leaf is pleased to announce the return of its flagship products, 2014 Leaf Best of Baseball. Once again, this release celebrates everything that is great about baseball cards with Leaf’s unprecedented buyback of quality vintage cards, rookie cards, signed vintage rookie cards, and quality autograph/relic cards.¬†Once again production is limited with a production slightly less than that of 2013. As an added surprise to set builders and player collectors, Leaf is adding 1992 Leaf Buyback cards with special Leaf “Memories” cards stamped to either #/5 or 1/1.

2014 Leaf Best Of Baseball
Key Components

Each box contains:

  • 1 quality Buyback card
  • 1 1992 Leaf “Memories” Buyback base card stamped to either #/5 or 1/1!


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