2014 Leaf Draft Football Retail

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2014 Leaf Draft Football Retail is a pack product sold through mass retail. It includes players from the 2014 NFL Draft.

2014 Leaf Draft Football Retail
Key Components

Each retail blaster box contains 20 packs with each pack containing five cards per pack. Each blaster box has 2 autograph cards in top-load holders (not in packs)!! Look for many short-print autos and Gold Parallels of the base and autograph cards. Stated print run for Gold autograph parallel cards is less than 150 per player.

2014_Leaf_Draft_Football_Retail_Johnny_Manzeil_Auto 2014_Leaf_Draft_Football_Retail_Jadeveon_Clowney 2014_Leaf_Draft_Football_Retail_Blake_Bortles_Auto

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