2014 Leaf Originals Footballs

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2014 Leaf Originals Football features two of Leaf’s most classic designs: 1948 Leaf and 1960 Leaf. Utilizing these two legendary designs, Leaf brings the draft’s most exciting prospects together in a throwback-style release that’s different from virtually any other draft product on the market.

2014 Leaf Originals Football Key Components

Each box contains five autograph cards. Keep your eyes peeled for these four different autograph subsets, all with multiple color parallels as low as 1-of-1: “1948 Originals,” which utilizes the classic throwback look at today’s hottest young talent but features all on-card autographs; “1948 Originals Alternate,” which features the same 1948 design, but with more limited artwork; “1960 Originals,” again showing the classic design components from 1960 and again featuring today’s up-and-coming talent with all on-card autographs; and “Masterworks,” with this collection showing a number of 2014’s top draft picks featured on 1-of-1 art cards with that player’s autograph. Lastly, Leaf’s “Hot Rookie Redemption” program is in full swing; last year’s redemption turned out to be the first-ever Johnny Manziel autographed card! Who knows what this year’s redemption will be?


Card (color) Variations:
Base Auto – 1948
Yellow – #’d to to 99 and lower
Blue – #’d to to 25 and lower
Red – #’d to to 10 and lower
Black – #’d 1 of 1

Alternate Auto – 1948
Yellow – #’d to to 25 and lower
Blue – #’d to to 10 and lower
Red – #’d to to 5 and lower
Black – #’d 1 of 1

1960 Auto
Purple – #’d to to 50 and lower
Silver – #’d to to 25 and lower
Blue – #’d to to 10 and lower
Red – #’d to to 5 and lower
Gold – #’d 1 of 1

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