2014 Leaf Pop Century

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2014 Leaf Pop Century consists of 132 celebrity personalities from the world of sports, TV, movies, music, politics and MORE! Look for Quad Autographs from the cast of “Pawn Stars” and a first ever eight-signature autograph card from the the cast of “Sons of Anarchy.”

2014 Leaf Pop Century Key Components

Each box contains four (4) celebrity autograph cards. Look for on-card “Live” autos, a first for Pop Century. Also look for autograph insert sets like “Walk of Fame”, “Award Winners,” “Keeping It Real,” “Stunning Starlets,” “Co-Stars” and more! All with parallels serially numbered to 25, 10, 5, and 1.



Card (color) Variations:
Base Autos:
White – no serial-numbering
Silver – #’d to 25 and lower
Blue – #’d to 10 and lower
Red – #’d to 5 and lower
Gold – #’d 1 of 1

Inscription Autos:
White – no serial-numbering
Silver – #’d to 25
Blue – #’d to 10
Red – #’d to 5
Gold – #’d 1 of 1

Dressing Room:
Silver – no serial-numbering
Gold – #’d to 10
Silver Spectrum – #’d to 5
Gold Spectrum – #’d to 1

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