2015 Leaf Sports Heroes Masterworks

Leaf is pleased to announce the return of one of its most exciting launches of the last few years, 2015 Leaf Sports Heroes Masterworks! This release features the popular sketch/art card autograph first ever introduced to the hobby by Leaf! Each and every card is handmade artwork featuring the signature of the pictured sports hero! Each and every card is a TRUE 1/1! Look for amazing Masterworks autographs of: Ichiro, Mark Messier, Stan Musial, Neymar, Robert Griffin III, Pelé, Steve Yzerman, Emmitt Smith, Bill Russell, Gordie Howe, Greg Maddux, Andrew Wiggins, and TONS MORE!!!!!

2015 Leaf Sports Heroes Masterworks
Key Components

Each box will contain two Masterworks artwork/autograph cards per box. Only 260 cases will be produced!



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