2016 Leaf Cut Signature Executive Collection


Leaf Trading Cards is pleased to announce all new design templates for its popular Executive Collection program in 2016 where Leaf gives you the power to create your own custom cut signature card! Now you can own the cut you’ve always wanted. Turn any certified signature (*) into an Executive Collection Cut Signature Card! If you are the first to submit an authenticated cut signature of a particular celebrity or athlete who has not yet had a Leaf Executive Collection card created during that calendar year, then your card will automatically become a gold-templated 1-of-1! If the celebrity’s cut has been submitted previously, you will receive a beautifully designed black-and-silver-bordered card.
Like it did in 2015, Leaf is also able to create DUAL AUTO Executive Collection Cards. However, only one of each combination of dual signatures will be accepted per year. Therefore each dual-cut signature card automatically becomes a 1-of-1 and will be the only one of its kind produced during that particular calendar year.

* Order Form and Terms        * Population Report 

View our population report to see if the card you want to have made has already been made into a 1-of-1 masterpiece!

In order to qualify to be custom made into a Leaf Cut Signature Executive Collection Cut Signature Card, your item must be authenticated by PSA/DNA or James Spence Authentication (JSA) and individually certified with the certification sticker still intact. Auction letters or JSA Stamp of Approval will NOT be accepted as proof of authenticity. If your item is not previously authenticated by PSA/DNA or JSA, LEAF can process the authentication for you by submitting to PSA. Pricing for authentication is determined by PSA/DNA  fee structures. All terms and conditions can be found in the documents above. If you are unable to access the Internet or to inquire about quantity authentication discounts, please contact a LEAF representative.

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