2018 Leaf Memorabilia Treasury


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Leaf is pleased to announce the return of one of the hobby’s most desirable packaged memorabilia releases, 2018 Leaf Memorabilia Treasury! Once again this release contains a vast assortment of highly collectible memorabilia items!!

In this release look for exciting memorabilia items including:

  • Signed Baseballs, Signed Baseball Bats & Baseball Jersey’s
  • Signed Basketballs & Signed Basketball Jersey’s
  • Signed Footballs & Signed Football Jersey’s
  • Signed Football Mini Helmets
  • Signed Full Size Football Helmets
  • Signed Boxing Gloves
  • Signed Hockey Jersey’s
  • Popular Tickets/Ticket Stubs
  • Signed Championship Belts
  • Signed Political Documents
  • Signed Political Photos
  • Signed Photographs From All Sports
  • Signed Music Albums & Signed Guitars
  • Signed Microphones
  • Signed Entertainment & Music Photos
  • Signed Movie Props
  • Signed Funko Pops
  • Movie Worn & Television Worn Costumes
  • Signed Original Artwork
  • Signed Comic Books
  • Signed Posters
  • Celebrities & Athlete’s High School Yearbooks
    AND TONS MORE!!!!!!

2018 Leaf Memorabilia Treasury
Key Components

Each box contains 5 different memorabilia items.