2019 Leaf Best Of Baseball



Leaf is pleased to announce the return of it’s ever popular 2019 Leaf Best Of Baseball release. Once again this release celebrates everything amazing about baseball cards with the inclusion of signed rookie cards, Graded Rookie Cards, amazing memorabilia cards, signed star and legend cards plus some surprises as well!

2017 Leaf Best Of Baseball Key Components

Each box will contain 1 Buyback card (or surprise redemption card) plus 1 original Best of Baseball card, using Metal technology.

Card Variations

Best Of Baseball
Prismatic – no numbering
Blue Prismatic – #’d to 35 and lower
Purple Prismatic – #’d to 25 and lower
Pink Prismatic- #’d to 20 and lower
Black Prismatic – #’d to 15 and lower
Green Prismatic – #’d to 10 and lower
Orange Prismatic – #’d to 7 and lower
Red Prismatic – #’d to 5 and lower
Gold Prismatic – #’d 1 of 1
Gold Super Prismatic – #’d 1 of 1

Best Of Baseball – Wave
Wave Foil – no numbering
Blue Foil – #’d to 20 and lower
Purple Foil – #’d to 15 and lower
Pink Foil- #’d to 10 and lower
Black Foil – #’d to 7 and lower
Green Foil – #’d to 5 and lower
Orange Foil – #’d to 3 and lower
Red Foil – #’d to 2 and lower
Gold Foil – #’d 1 of 1