2019 Leaf In The Game Used Sports



Leaf Trading Cards is proud to announce the return of one of the hobby’s most celebrated products of last year with 2019 In The Game Used Sports!

  • MVP 8’s – 8 player memorabilia card featuring only league MVP’s from all sports! Featuring MVP legends such as: Yastrzemski/Robinson/Mantle/Howe/Mikita/Hull/Chamberlain/Brown and Trout/Arod/Ichiro/O’Neal/Iverson/Manning/Brady/Sakic
  • The Nickname Hall Of Fame – A continuation of last years popular nickname set with some famously colorful monikers such as: Rickey Henderson “The Man of Steal”, Walter Payton “Sweetness”, and Vlad “The Impaler” Guerrero
  • The Gr8test Of All Time – 8 player memorabilia card featuring the GOAT from all sports, such as: Ruth/Ali/Nicklaus/Chamberlain/Brady/Pele/Howe/Federer
  • The Journey – A single player dual memorabilia card featuring stars that made a few memorable stops throughout their amazing careers such as: Joe Montana, Frank Robinson and Charles Barkley
  • We Built This City – 2 stars from different sports that helped put their city on the sports map such as: Tom Brady/Larry Bird, Willie Stargell/Joe Greene and Kirby Puckett/Randy Moss
  • All-Time Enshrined – 2 legends from the sports world enshrined in the same year make up this amazing memorabilia card such as: Walter Payton/Julius Erving – 1993 and Gale Sayers/Ernie Banks – 1977
  • All-Time Enshrined Quad – 4 legends that were enshrined in the same year such as: 2016 – Griffey Jr,/Allen Iverson/Brett Favre/Shaquille O’Neal
  • In The Game Used Auto – Single player auto memorabilia set featuring stars such as: Emmitt Smith, Roger Federer and Larry Bird
  • In The Game Used Dual Auto – 2 player auto memorabilia set featuring heroes such as: Pele/Ronaldinho and Emmitt Smith/Barry Sanders
  • In The Game Used Triple Auto – 3 player auto memorabilia card set featuring triple stars such as: Favre/Elway/Aikman and Ichiro/Arod/Griffey
  • Jumbo Patch – A patch of greatness in jumbo size! Featuring monster star patches such as: Walter Payton, Ichiro and Tony Gwynn!
  • Legacy – Triple player memorabilia card featuring a trio that defined the sport and era they starred in such as: Ruth/Mantle/Jeter, Mantle/Griffey Jr./Trout and Wilt Chamberlain/Kareem Abdul-Jabbar/Shaquille O’Neal
  • All-Star Game History – A 6 player memorabilia card paying homage to the legends that were chosen to represent their leagues in MLB and NBA star studded showcases! Such as: 1976 MLB All-Star Game: Garvey/Bench/Schmidt/Munson/Fisk/Brett
  • Draft History – 6 player memorabilia card featuring legends drafted into their respective sports the same year! Such as: 1979 Magic Johnson/Darryl Strawberry/Ray Bourque/Joe Montana/Mike Gartner/Mark Gastineau
  • Fantastic Fabrics – A single player 8 swatch memorabilia card featuring patch, jersey, glove, skate, bat, pants or socks! Kirby Puckett, Kobe Bryant, Ronaldinho and many more are featured in this set!
  • Fantasy Baseball Leaders – A 6 player memorabilia card featuring legends who would have been fantasy studs that season! Such as: 1957: Ted Williams/Mickey Mantle/Stan Musial/Willie Mays/Ernie Banks/Eddie Mathews or 1984: Tony Gwynn/Ryne Sandberg/Dave Winfield/Tim Raines/Don Mattingly/Dwight Gooden
  • Four Sport Phenoms – 4 player memorabilia card featuring stars from 4 sports that made their mark from the start!! Such as: Wilt Chamberlain/Frank Robinson/Dave Keon/Joe Greene or Chris Webber/Eddie George/Hideo Nomo/Martin Brodeur
  • MVP Signatures – Dual auto memorabilia card featuring 2 stars that shared an MVP season such as: Ken Griffey Jr./Barry Sanders 1997 or Magic Johnson/John Elway 1987
  • Super Swatch Signatures – An auto memorabilia card with a jumbo-sized memorabilia swatch! Featuring sports icons such as: Cal Ripken Jr. and Riddick Bowe.
  • In The Name Used Letter – Letters right out of the back of superstar game used jerseys! Look for iconic names such as: David Beckham, Nolan Ryan, Randy Moss and Vince Carter!
  • Legendary Numbers – Superstars from the world of sports that shared a number such as: #7 Mantle/Elway, #10 Pele/Frazier and #24 Mays/Griffey Jr.
  • The Art Of Sport – A single player triple memorabilia card featuring an artistic touch and artistic athletes such as: Emmitt Smith, Ichiro and Pete Rose
  • The Final Curtain – A dual player memorabilia card featuring two conquering heroes that shared a final season such as: Mickey Mantle/Eddie Mathews 1968 and Nolan Ryan/Carlton Fisk 1994
  • The Ten – The title says it all! A front and back 10 player memorabilia card featuring sports history makers such as: Ruth/Williams/Musial/Mize/Mathews/Mays/Mantle/Robinson/McCovey/Snider or Ali/Palmer/Nicklaus/Rose/Brown/Sayers/Mantle/Hull/Chamberlain/Frazier
  • The Chosen Few Redemption Program – Leaf is proud to announce the return of last year’s exciting redemption program that allows you to choose your card from an amazing list, such as: Auto Versions – Rickey Henderson MLB logo and Shaquille O’Neal NBA logo, The Chosen Two Grant Hill/Jason Kidd Dual NBA logo, The Chosen Few Memorabilia featuring amazing patch cards from Ken Griffey Jr., Lionel Messi, and Nolan Ryan. All Chosen Few cards are 1/1.

2019 Leaf In The Game Used Sports
Key Components

Five premium hits per box.

Card Variations:

Navy Blue Foil
Purple Prismatic Foil
Platinum Blue Prismatic Foil
Magenta Prismatic Foil
Red Prismatic Foil
Silver Prismatic Foil
Gold Prismatic Foil