2019 Leaf Memorabilia Treasury


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Leaf is proud to announce the return of it’s wildly popular repackaged memorabilia product, 2019 Leaf Memorabilia Treasury. Once again, these boxes include a random assortment of amazing memorabilia items. Look for exciting items including: signed baseball jerseys, 16×20 Photos, signed basketballs, signed full size football helmets, signed rookie cards, signed football mini helmets, signed footballs, signed 11×14 photos, signed record albums, signed movie posters, signed lithographs, signed hockey jerseys, signed football jerseys, cast signed photos, signed CD covers, movie & T.V. worn costumes, signed tennis helmets, signed golf balls, signed 8×10 photos, signed gold flags, signed baseballs, and many, many more unique items!

2019 Leaf Memorabilia Treasury
Key Components

Five memorabilia items per case. (box) These memorabilia items are sold by the box. Memorabilia items are not individually packaged.