2019 Leaf Perfect Game All-American



Building off the success of the past three years, 2019 Leaf Metal Perfect Game All-American features metal autographs along with very rare patch autos with GAME-WORN jerseys, caps, socks and pants worn during the All-American photo shoot. Only 55 top draft prospects were invited to this event! Production for the 2019 version is less than 120 cases!!

Look for:
Metal Autos – Incredible and beautiful parallels are only part of the equation. This product contains many 1 of 1 variations including the rare Super Prismatic. Also look for variations using the Wave Foil Technology. Most cards are numbered 50 or less!

Patch Autos – For the first time, we were able to acquire game-worn jerseys from this event. Look for incredible patches from these jerseys!

Quad Patch Autos – The jerseys, caps and pants worn by players during the photo shoot for this event were cut up to create incredibly sick Quad Patch Autos!!

Single and Quad Patch autos will feature extremely rare logos, buttons, flag patches, caps tags, etc. Every memorabilia auto is serial numbered to 10 or less and fall at a minimum of 1 per box!!

Gameday Autos – Rare autograph variations of the cards handed out at the game. Each is serial numbered to 5 or less!!


2019 Leaf Metal Perfect Game All-American
Key Components

Each box will contain 8 autographed cards.

Card Variations: (See Checklist for details)