2019 Leaf Trinity Football



Leaf is pleased to announce it’s wildly popular draft football releases, 2019 Leaf Trinity Football! Once again this release features the hobby’s most powerful draft checklist chock-full of the drafts brightest stars with a focus on skill position players! Look for Trinity Signature Autograph cards, Trinity Clear Autograph cards and the widely acclaimed Leaf Trinity Patch Autographs!

2019 Leaf Trinity Football
Key Components

Each box contains 5 on-card autographed cards.

Card Variations
Clear Auto
Purple foil – no numbering
Red Foil – #’d to 25 and lower
Green Foil – #’d to 10 and lower
Silver Foil – #’d to 5 and lower
Gold Prismatic – #’d 1 of 1

Patch Auto & Signatures
Bronze Prismatic – no numbering
Platinum Prismatic – #’d to 25 and lower
Red Prismatic – #’d to 10 and lower
Silver Prismatic – #’d to 5 and lower
Gold Prismatic – #’d 1 of 1