2021 Leaf Lumber Baseball



Leaf Trading Cards is proud to announce the return of the most celebrated baseball products from 2020 with 2021 Leaf Lumber Baseball!

  • Game Used Lumber: A Single Player game used bat card featuring some of baseballs all time sluggers such as: Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays and Duke Snider
  • 3000 Hit Club: A single player triple bat card featuring legends that are members of the exclusive 3000 hit club such as: Pete Rose, George Brett and Derek Jeter
  • Tape Measure Taters: A single player bat card featuring sluggers that have hit the longest home runs in baseball history such as: Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle and Willie Stargell
  • Fall Classic: a six player bat card set featuring participants in some of baseballs most glorious World Series! Such as Bench/Perez/Rose/Yastrzemski/Lynn/Fisk-1975 or Carter/Hernandez/Strawberry/Clemens/Boggs/Rice 1986
  • Midsummer Classic: Nostalgia rules this 8 player bat card set featuring legends of All-Star games from the past such as Musial/Mathews/Kluszewski/Snider/Mantle/Fox/Williams/Mize-1953 or Morgan/Garvey/Cey/Schmidt/Fisk/Munson/Yastrzemski/Carew-1974
  • Bat Rack 3: A 3 player bat card set featuring a dream 3 for any lineup such as: Mathews/Killebrew/Snider and Mantle/Trout/Mays
  • Bat Rack 4: An fearsome foursome of lumber featuring amazing quad bat cards such as: Williams/Mantle/Musial/Mays and Griffey Jr./Martinez/Buhner/Arod
  • Super Teams: Am 8 player 8 game used bat card featuring some of baseballs most famous franchises and the stars that shined for them such as: Yankees-Ruth/Mantle/Maris/Jackson/Munson/Jeter/Williams/Posada and Chicago-Sandberg/Santo/Herman/Williams/Grace/Sosa/Bryant/Dawson
  • Signature Sticks: Single player auto bat card featuring baseball icons such as: Ken Griffey Jr., Rickey Henderson, Jeff Bagwell and Ryne Sandberg
  • Signature Sticks 2: 2 player auto bat card featuring dynamic duos such as: Bagwell/Biggio, Tatis Jr./Acuna and Brooks Robinson/Cal Ripken Jr.
  • Signature Sticks 3: 3 player signed bat card featuring tremendous trios such as: Fisk/Rice/Lynn and Rickey Henderson/Bo Jackson/Ronald Acuna
  • Nameplate: Amazing 1 of only 1 nameplate right of the game used Bat! Featuring amazing legends such as: Mickey mantle, Duke Snider and Roberto Clemente
  • Dual Nameplates: Dual nameplates! Amazing piece of history featuring historical combos such as: Mays/McCovey and Henderson/Raines!
  • Bat Knob: 1 of only 1 Bat Knob featuring superstars such as: Mantle, Stargell, Musial and Schmidt!
  • Off the End of the Bat: 1 of only 1 amazing piece taken straight off the end of a game used bat!  Featuring greats of the game such as: McCovey, Musial, Snider, Jeter, Trout and Mays!
  • 3 Home Run Games: A 3 player triple bat card featuring only those powerful performers that hit 3 home runs in one game! Such as: Ruth/Ott/Mize, Doerr/Mantle/Williams, Jackson/Bench/Stargell and Bagwell/Bonds/Galarraga
  • The Franchise 4: A 4-player quad bat card featuring franchise favorites and the team monikers they became famous for! Such as Parker/Madlock/Stargell/Easler “We Are Family”, Ruth/Mantle/Maris/Jackson “The Bronx Bombers” and Morgan/Rose/Bench/Perez “The Big Red Machine”
  • Late Round Legends: A single player game used bat card featuring hidden gems found late in baseball’s annual draft such as: Mike Piazza 62nd round, Ryne Sandberg 20th Round and Don Mattingly 19thRound
  • Legendary Lineup: an 8 player dream team of baseball superstars such as: Killebrew/Mazeroski/Rollins/B.Robinson/Varitek/Henderson/Walker/Jackson
  • Lumber Leaders: a 4 player game used bat insert highlighting baseballs statistical leaders from past seasons such as: 1961 Mays/Robinson/Clemente/Mathews and 1956 Snider/Musial/Mays/Robinson
  • Lumber Numbers: a 4 player game used bat set featuring a foursome of superstars that shared a uniform number. Such as: #2 Jeter/Herman/Fox/Kent, #3 Ruth/Baines/Killebrew/Arod and #5 Bench/Brett/Bagwel/Pujols
  • Mount Crushmore: a 4 player game used bat insert set featuring 4 memorable mashers such as: Legends-Ruth/Mantle/Mays/Williams, Historical Hrs Gibson/Mazeroski/Carter/Garvey and Catchers Piazza/bench/Fisk/Carter
  • Nickname Fame: Single player game used bat card highlighting legendary nicknames such as: Willie Mays “The Say Hey Kid” Dave Parker “Cobra” Jay Buhner “Bone” and Ryne Sandberg “Ryno”
  • 1500 RBI Club: single player game used bat card featuring only the most prolific producers such as: Ted Williams, babe Ruth, Stan Musial and Mel Ott

2021 Leaf Lumber Baseball
Key Components

Each box contains 4 premium hits.

Card Variations: (See Checklist for further details)