2021 Leaf Ultimate Sports



Leaf is proud to announce the return to the Hobby of one of the most exciting multi-sport products in the industry with 2021 Leaf Ultimate Sports! Look for an exciting mix of legends, young stars and superstars across all sports!

Look for:

  • Ink to the Past: A dual autographed insert set featuring past and future legends! Such as: Tagovailoa/Marino, Burrow/Montana and Neymar Jr./Pele!
  • Ink to the Future: A 3 player signature card featuring generations of legends! Such as Bird/Garnett/Antetokounmpo!
  • The Exceptional Ones: Single player jumbo patch card featuring amazing one of only one crazy patches, logos and tags!! Look for The Exceptional Ones from Kobe Bryant, Tom Brady and David Beckham! 
  • “The Ocho”: An 8 player memorabilia card from all spectrums of sports! Such as: Mantle/Payton/Dr. J/Pele/Ali/Brady/Messi/Nicklaus!
  • Ultimate Ring Team: An 8 player memorabilia card featuring stars and legends were the foundations for a championship season! Featuring Champions such as Montana/Young/Rice/Payton/Brady/Aikman/Elway/Taylor and Mantle/Hodges/Robinson/Stargell/DiMaggio/Mathews/Mays/Musial
  • The Ultimate Memorabilia 3: A three player triple memorabilia set featuring patch, jersey and other amazing memorabilia! Such as: Mantle/Snider/Mathews, Ali/Tyson/Patterson, Vince McMahon/Roddy Piper/Bobby Heenan and Mantle/DiMaggio/Berra
  • Ultimate Sports Magazine: Amazing and unique signature magazine covers festurng legendary mometns in tyime such as: Barry Sanders, Joe Montana, Cal Ripken Jr. and Magic Johnson!
  • Ultimate Auto Memorabilia: A single player autographed memorabilia card featuring sports standouts such as Dan Marino, Neymar Jr., Tony Romo and Rickey Henderson!
  • The Beautiful Game Used: A single player dual relic memorabilia card featuring stars and legends of The Beautiful Game such as: Pele, Cristiano Ronald and Lionel Messi!
  • Sports Almanac: A 4-player memorabilia card featuring yearly sports milestones from sports legends! Such as 1958 Pele/Mantle/Palmer/Howe and 1986 Maradona/Payton/Carter/Bird!
  • Ultimate Fat Patch: A jumbo-sized Patch card!! Featuring stars and heroes such as: Tim Duncan, Tim Tebow, Dave Winfield and Karl Malone!
  • Ultimate Memorabilia 6 and 8: Multi player memorabilia cards featuring HOF Legends, superstars and sports heroes such as Ruth/Mantle/DiMaggio/Mays/Mathews/Snider/Clemente/Williams and Kobe/Wade/Allen/McGrady/Drexler/Miller
  • Mount Rushmore: A 4 player 4 swatch memorabilia card featuring pillars of sport such as Brady/Montana/Marino/Elway, Ruth/Payton/Kobe/Howe and Mantle/Mays/Griffey/Trout
  • Ultimate Sports Icons: A single player 4 relic memorabilia card featuring simply the greatest sports icons of all time! Such as: Babe Ruth, Kobe Bryant, Tom Brady and Muhammad Ali!
  • The Fabled 4: 4 legends share this amazing quad memorabilia card! Such as: Kobe/Dr. J/Bird/Duncan and Clemente/Mantle/Mays/Williams
  • The Ultimate Duo: A 2-player memorabilia card featuring an amazing duo! Such as: Muhammad Ali/Will Smith, Bo Jackson/Tim Tebow, Roger Maris/Barry Pepper and Pele/Maradona
  • Ultimate X Signature Relics: A single player 4 swatch autographed memorabilia card featured on acetate technology!! Featuring shining stars of the sporting world such as Lionel Messi, Albert Pujols and Shaquille O’Neal!
  • Ultimate X Autographs: A single player signature card featured on clear acetate technology! Look for legends Such as: Randy Moss, Emmitt Smith and Vin Scully!
  • Ultimate X Signature Trio: Triple signed card on beautiful acetate! Featuring stars such as: Montana/Bradshaw/Aikman and Jerry West/Magic Johnson/Shaquille O’Neal
  • Ultimate Signatures: Signature set featuring heroes and legends from all walks of sport! Such as Vin Scully, Giannis, Drew Brees and Dan Marino
  • Ultimate Futures: Signature set featuring the future legends of sports! Such as Bryson DeChambeau, Joe Burrow and Fernando Tatis Jr.!
  • Ultimate Signatures Multi: Signature sets featuring heroes and legends from all walks of sport! Such as Duals: Joe Montana/Dan Marino and Pedro Martinez/Greg Maddux, Triples: Warren Sapp/Michael Irvin/Ray Lewis and Pele/Ronald/Neymar Jr., Quad: West/Johnson/O’Neal/Worthy and Staubach/Bradshaw/Tarkenton/Griese, Six: Cristiano Ronaldo/Lionel Messi/Pele/Ronaldo/Neymar Jr./Wayne Rooney and Eight: Montana/Marino/Elway/Favre/Rodgers/Staubach/Bradshaw/Brees
  • Leaf Q Numerology: A single player auto memorabilia card hand numbered to the players legendary uniform number! Featuring legends such as: Albert Pujols /5, Dan Marino /13, Brett Favre /4 and Cristiano Ronaldo /7
  • The Immortal 4 Signatures: A foursome of awesome legendary signatures! Featuring an amazing quartet such as: Bird/Montana/Pele/Griffey Jr. and Montana/Hogan/Jackson/Henderson
  • The Four Sportsman: Another amazing quartet of signature sports heroes! Such as: Marino/Hogan/Mattingly/Bird and Messi/Rodgers/Pacquiao/St-Pierre
  • Championship Nucleus: A trio of stars that led their franchise to a championship are featured on this triple memorabilia card! Such as: Montana/Rice/Taylor and Bench/Rose/Morgan

2021 Leaf Ultimate Sports
Key Components:

Three premium hits per box.

Card Variations:

Navy Blue