2012 Leaf Metal Draft Baseball

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2012 Leaf Metal Draft Baseball features all on-card autographs. The player selection of top picks is unparalleled in 2012, featuring 28 first-round picks including all of the top selections who have signed pro contracts. In addition, Leaf has aggressively gone after top prospects and international phenoms to solidify its already strong draft checklist.

2012 Metal Draft Baseball Key Components

Each box contains eight (8) autograph cards. Look for on-card autographs featuring the top 2012 draft picks, international prospects and emerging current minor leaguers; Prismatic parallels of all cards including popular Blue, Green, Red, Super Gold Prismatic cards (Pink Prismatic cards will be featured in 2013 Rookie Retro); on-card autographed cards of baseball icon Albert Pujols with VERY RARE Inscriptions and JUMBO Patch cards numbered to 99 or less. We’ve also packed out marked “Hot Boxes” that feature eight colored prismatic cards in a single box!


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