Leaf Lands Licensing Deals for Exclusive Damian Lillard Signatures


‘I personally feel this move is best for the hobby by giving consumers a choice.’ 

CARROLLTON, TX (Sept. 5, 2013) – Fact 1: Leaf Trading Cards has an exclusive, multi-year autograph deal with reigning NBA Rookie of the Year Damian Lillard. Fact 2: Lillard’s contract with Leaf remains intact. Fact 3: Lillard’s autographs, by way of a special agreement set forth by Leaf President Brian Gray, will now be available on trading cards in upcoming products issued by one or more of Leaf’s competitors.

“I just wanted to clear up any confusion as to why these autographs will start appearing in other manufacturers’ products shortly,” said Gray. “Basically, it’s because of a unique arrangement I spearheaded in order to make one of basketball’s brightest stars available to consumers on other companies’ cards.damian-lillard-rookie-of-the-year-adidas-crazyquick-01

“Leaf Trading Cards has been built on the notion of doing what’s best for the industry and for the consumers who make this industry great. I personally feel this move is best for the hobby by giving consumers a choice.”

Leaf Trading Cards remains the exclusive source of these sought-after authentic signatures from Lillard. Stay tuned for more groundbreaking industry maneuvers from the creative minds at Leaf.

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