Prospecting 2014 Leaf Draft Metal Football

I am so excited to see that the market is embracing 2014 Leaf Draft Metal Football. When I look at this product, I see so much more than an incredibly sexy list of top names. There is no doubt that Manziel, Clowney, Bortles, Bridgewater and Watkins are all elite prospects.

But, I think what’s equally exciting is figuring out which players with a far more attractive buy-in price might be the next members of the elite prospect group. Below are some of my best bets at quarterback:

Zach-MettenbergerZach Mettenberger – A lock as a first-round pick before his ACL injury last year, Mettenberger still possesses all the tools to be a big strong NFL pocket passer. His injury gives you a rare chance to buy cheap and sell high. Where he is drafted will mean a lot, but early indications are that he will recover fully and be ready to contribute on the next level.

Aaron MurraySee Mettenberger. Murray also got hurt in 2013, but showed loads of promise before his own ACL injury. After speaking to his agents, all signs point to a full recovery and a super buy low/sell high opportunity. And it doesn’t hurt that Bulldog fans LOVE this guy!


Jimmy Garoppolo – Okay, so his college (Eastern Illinois) has virtually no hardcore collectors. Okay, so most of you have never heard of this guy. What’s not okay is being close-minded to the opportunity that lies in front of you. No one had heard of Weber State’s Damian Lillard in the 2012 NBA Draft either, so that just goes to show you. Garoppolo can throw! His 5,050 passing yards and 53 touchdowns passes this past season says it all. If the buy-in price is right, the upside is phenomenal! Buy now or forever hold your peace.

Logan Thomas – I know, I know, there are a lot of critics of this guy who question his arm strength. I, however, see a Ben Roethlisberger-sized beast that runs fast as hell! I am willing to gamble on a guy built to be a pocket passer, but with the speed to escape trouble. That’s half the battle. At his current prices, why not gamble on a guy with the raw physical ability to one day be somebody special in the league?

Look for my next blog where I’ll break down the receivers who look underpriced.

Until then,

Brian Gray / Leaf CEO